AUTHOR Helen Lowe

NAME:  Helen Lowe
MEDIUM:  author
LOCATION:  New Zealand
CATEGORY:  professional

Helen Lowe

Helen Lowe

Helen Lowe has already won several awards for her novels and poetry.  I include the below information – a SQUEE about Helen winning the prestigious Morningstar Award – as incentive for you to check out Helen’s work.  Her novels are excellent reads.

Helen Lowe was the FIRST Kiwi to win the Gemmell Morningstar Award:  never before has a Kiwi or Australian won an Gemmell award, and women rarely win.  Helen Lowe beat the odds with the opening novel to her epic saga Wall of Night.

Congratulations Helen!

I interviewed Helen.  This interview was intended for text only; I hope to catch up with Helen soon to record an audio interview.

I received this email from Helen Lowe, author of Heir of Night, today:

Dear Friends,

On Friday night, UK time, the Gemmell Award ceremony was held in London–and The Heir of Night (The Wall of Night Book One) won the Gemmell Morningstar Award for Best Fantasy Newcomer. My first words, when my UK publishers rang to tell me were: “I don’t believe it” but I have been working on suspending disbelief since and yes, it really is true.:-)

To read the official notice on the Gemmell Award blog, click here.

I printed my acceptance speech, delivered on my behalf by Jenni Hill of Orbit, here today.

The main thing I want to say right now though is: thank you for all the support you have shown for HEIR through this process.  I know that every vote counted and that we could have not have done it without you–so please accept my HUGE thank you for ‘getting in behind’ and voting.

And as I said on the blog, when the Morningstar award arrives here in Christchurch I think a celebration of some kind really could be in order. I will try and give as much notice as possible of that, so everyone who wants to can attend.

best wishes–and again, the HEIR thanks you for your support, and so do I.