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Grumpy Cat goes to Hollywood. For realz.

Grumpy Cat goes to HollywoodGrumpy Cat goes to Hollywood. For realz.

I’ve been busy with assessments at university this week so I’ve missed out on breaking news. Imagine my surprise when I rock up to the reception desk to make an enquiry and the non-geek receptionist takes one look at my tee-shirt (pictured below) and tells me Grumpy Cat has scored a movie deal. I came home and Googled. She was right!

Grumpy Cat has an agent: Ben Lashes, a talent manager in Los Angeles. Ben organised a one-movie deal.

The Australian says:

This week, Grumpy Cat is [going] to New York to promote the forthcoming Chronicle Books release, “Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book: Disgruntled Tips and Activities Designed to Put a Frown on Your Face” at BookExpo America, the publishing industry convention.

…Grenade Beverage to create and distribute a line of Grumpy Cat coffee-in-cans and bottled beverages. Excluding the movie deal, the Bundesens have earned a low-six-figure sum off the cat thus far…

Apparently Ben Lashes has helped the owners of Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat promote their kitty ideas. Warner Bros, that stalwart of the anti-piracy movement, is currently being sued by Nyan Cat’s copyright holder for including Nyan in Scribblenauts without permission. Internet Cats are big business.

Grumpy Cat says GOOD

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