Green Lantern’s director to remake Blake’s 7

Green Lantern‘s director to remake Blake’s 7

We all loved Green Lantern SO MUCH [snark] that we’re really excited to hear that GL’s director is getting the opportunity to mangle an old favourite that was ahead of its time. I won’t lose all hope – Martin Campbell did Casino Royale too… SFX tells us Blake’s 7 is being remade – with ‘six guilty and one innocent’ person in the party, so more human characters than ever before.

SFX says ‘The US Syfy channel is set to make a ”revolutionary reinvention”’ – so WHY DON’T THEY CALL IT SOMETHING ELSE? Why do they have to tread on hallowed ground while they create something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT? Ok, we get that it’s influenced by B7 but then a lot of SF TV has been in one way or another. B7 story ideas have been regularly pinched by long-running SF TV shows down the years.

I can feel a rewatch of B7 coming on. Bad special effects and all, it was still ahead of its time and the dialogue – I just love Avon and Vila, the sniping and bitching that was the flavour of the show!

Blake’s 7: Ghan, Avon, Cally, Blake, Jenna and Vila.
Absent: Zen the shipboard intelligent computer