Google Chromecast’s fatal flaw enables Rick Rolling

Imagine, it’s Friday night. You’re tired at the end of a long week. You’re looking forward to a snuggle in front of the TV with your Significant Other. You settle in for the evening.

You’re watching that movie or TV series you absolutely adore. Someone – Benedict Cumberbatch maybe? – walks onto your screen then –


Your TV disconnects from your home wifi network. It reconnects to another network, a network you’ve never heard of before.

Then your TV starts playing Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”. On repeat. Over and over.

You turn everything off.

You turn it back on again.

Still no Benedict, only RICK BLOODY ASTLEY.

Your TV is possessed by a remote hacker because GOOGLE CHROMECAST.

Who you gonna call?

For the full story, read Andy Greenberg’s article over on Wired