Ghostbuster Zombie Mouse (aka why I love the webz)

Ghostbuster Zombie Mouse (aka why I love the webz)

I wandered over to The Bloggess’s blog today to see if she’d written anything new. Not only is she finally wearing Victor (her husband) down with her insane taxidermy, but she’s bought a Ghostbuster zombie mouse to do it. For the full insanity, read her post before scrolling down the page – I’ve embedded the links to the YouTube video featurning said zombie mouse (below).

First of all there’s this segment, where you click to pick a path.

Just in case you’re impatient, here’s the outcome I found:

Oh yeah, and don’t forget the TWINE from Doctor Who. If you haven’t heard of the Nathan Fillion/Twine scandal, then you either have an epic journey ahead of you to find and read the whole thread, or just appreciate the Who-ness and quit while you’re ahead.