George R R Martin & Michelle Fairley in Melbourne, now online

Write like the wind, George R R Martin. Well, okay, we’ll let you have a break so you can come to Melbourne to talk to us. If you insist.

The Wheeler Center worked with Supanova to organise this event.

The Wheeler Center lives up to its awesome reputation by recording and making this video available online for free.

I took a book hoping George would sign it but I left over an hour after the event finished as it seemed I’d have to be there for at least 2 more hours if I wanted it signed.

At 10:30 pm Supanova staff were still shouting at people that if they wanted to get an autograph and to sit in the hall while waiting (instead of standing in the foyer or outside in the cold and wind, huddled under the porch to stay out of the rain) then people had to pay an extra $40. For ONE autograph.