Geeks are sexy – mutual admiration!

I had a slight swelling of numbers on facebook and twitter this morning when I checked social media briefly before rushing out the door for a long and busy day, interviewing three authors, attending a writing class and playing Dungeons & Dragons at Notions Unlimited.

A new subscriber commented in email that she was surprised she hadn’t heard of Dark Matter before, and was pleased to have found DMF on Geeks are Sexy.  I didn’t have time to look up the post but I asked hubby to check it out from work today.  At lunch time hubby met me with a fantastic colour printout of the article on Geeks are Sexy.

I was happy to support Flaming Parasol Productions as that kind of support and community building is a major part of Dark Matter’s mission.  Daljeet had been in contact with me about this article during his preparation, but I thought it was coming out in July.  It was fabulous to see it come out today, day one of the National SFF Convention for Australia, which this year is running as part of the Victorian state SFF convention, Continuum 8.

This article follows on from Neil Gaiman RTing my tweet about my life blog on Saturday, which has made this a busy and unusual week.  Yay for mutual promotion 🙂