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Gamma Pink Rabbits

“Mine! Mine!” shriek the seagulls as they fight over every last scrap, determined that not one grain will fall to the ground to allow a future crop.

Meanwhile gamma pink rabbits graze peacefully, spread throughout a vast landscape. Some gather in groups for protection.

A lone rabbit wanders close to a colony of gamma rabbits. As the group becomes more close-knit, several larger rabbits emerge from the huddle, aggressively defending their territory, their colony, against the intruder. Thumping their hind legs, flashing their tails at the intruder is unsuccessful. The small intruder seeks solace in their company, rolling over and showing his belly. The largest buck dashes forward, biting the intruder on the belly, drawing blood. Screaming in pain, the intruder doubles over, twisting, rolling to his feet before fleeing.

A rodent, taking advantage of this distraction, races towards the other side of the colony, spewing bile in an attempt to poison his victim. The largest bucks and does stampede toward the rodent, trampling him in his arrogance.

A wounded lone gamma rabbit is vulnerable; attacked by an enormous rat, it stumbles, falters, falls. Once the rabbit is down, hordes of rodents appear as if from nowhere, fighting each other for scraps of tasty rabbit.

Flurries of fur gradually settle, the rodents seemingly vanish, then the field becomes peaceful once more. The only sign of the tragic early end of a gamma rabbit is a tuft of blood-spattered pink fur stuck to a clump of grass.

To be continued…

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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