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Gabe Petrou of Skullwerks Studio

skullwerks studio logoAttempt number 13 (after problems saving this post last week!!!): Gabe Petrou is Skullwerks Studio. He’s an artist selling kick-ass drawings and an upcoming clothing line so cool that even my conservative partner wants some. Gabe Petrou is A CAT PERSON. This is very important because his art FEATURES LOTS OF CATS. (Hence my partner’s love, but he also wants the tee shirt with the dinosaur skull and flowers. I liked it but I can never pick what the minion will want to wear.)

Later this year Skullwerks Studio will release their new clothing line. Gabe Petrou and I are talking about filming a fashion parade. Hopefully Gabe’s partner, Leonardo Balfour of Creative Beasts (furry costumes) will also bring his bling to the party.

You can find Gabe Petrou at Skullwerks Studio at his website, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Actually, you can’t find him on twitter. I followed the link from his website to this… screenshot that the website won’t let me upload. Bugs not fixed yet. Sigh. Anyway, enjoy the videos.


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