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Furbaby Diaries

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Over the past year, many people asked that I tell the story of applying for NDIS funding for a seeing eye dog, the application process, and that I tell stories about my furbabies.

I have a confession to make. Although I think I acquired the Terrible Twins, my cats Meteor and Aurora, before I received any of these requests, I felt unable to publish my larger story.

The reason? Although I’m a long-time speculative fiction and general science fan, in my heart of hearts I am too superstitious to risk starting this series about my seeing eye dog. That is, until now. She’s ARRIVED, we’ve finished our training together, I have my doggo licence and she’s lying beside me as I type.

So now I’ll start editing what I wrote months ago and continue our tale. Some of this will be instructive: about the NDIS process, the process of applying for a seeing eye dog, and our training together. Also, how absolutely amazing Silkie, my dog, is. I’ve walked with people with guide dogs before but it’s only now that I’m working with one that I realize how amazing they truly are.

And then I’ll continue with funny and heartwarming stories. Because OMG MY FURBABIES CAN BE HILARIOUS. Here is video of Silkie BEGGING Meteor to play with her.

Most of my published photos and videos are on Instagram but some are also only on Twitter.

Also, I’ve been focusing on content. In my opinion my title for this series, Furbaby Diaries, is sorely lacking in imagination. Please suggest alternatives!

Furbabies: Aurora (ginger and white cat) and Silkie (black labrador retriever cross)

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Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.

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