Free Friday – promote your work and squee about someone else’s

I can’t review and squee about ALL THE THINGS. There just is not enough time. I’m hoping the creative community will increase the squee by promoting your work and promoting someone else’s work on Free Friday.

This is a trial; this trial needs MOAR COMMENTS and MUCH MORE SQUEEING to be successful.

The rules:
  • comment below, promoting one thing you’ve done
  • self-promotion must include promotion of one thing someone else has done
  • no tiny URLs, all links will be checked
  • all posts will be moderated
  • this is NOT an opportunity for fake oakleys or viagra! This is for stuff you’re creating not stuff you’re being paid to promote unless you’re a publisher or publicist; then it’s for stuff you’re publishing and something someone else has published.
  • DMZ reserves the right to remove any comment if the content is thought to be inappropriate for this audience

This is a trial run. The rules are subject to change especially if I find I’ve missed something vital.