My first ever First Contact convention by Nalini Haynes

Finally, I have a use for those awful photos BAHAHA.
First Contact: Gateway to the Sanctuary 2 reported in Ermagerdese.

Thank you so much Gifts for the Geek for the free double pass.

I <3 Gifts.

Locky moving to Melbourne

For those who aren’t local: above is Locky, a local, lovable personality who, due to his defence force posting, has been commuting to Melbourne for conventions when he can.  Apparently he’s about to move back to Melbourne, and he’s really excited.  Locky managed the slide show, making changes in real time during the slide show as well as being a bit of a comedian during the welcome portion of the day.

Jennifer: second convention

Jennifer Spence from Stargate Universe was the first guest of the day; this was her second convention ever.

Jennifer: back to back sex scenes

One of Jen’s most memorable incidents was having back-to-back sex scenes with two different guys.  Apparently she didn’t even have time to brush her teeth.  I guess that’s almost like two guys kissing…

Jonathan kissed Amanda Tapping

Jonathan Young played Nicolas Tesla on Sanctuary after playing a botanist on two episodes of Stargate.

Ben Browder on turning 50

Turning 50 on Tuesday, Ben says that the ground keeps getting further away when it comes to stunts.

Ben Browder villain on dr who

When playing a villain on Doctor Who, Ben did his own stunt.  In the third take, Matt Smith got too close: Ben kicked Matt accidentally, drawing blood.


Each guest spoke and answered questions from the audience for about an hour.  There was an auction with door prizes; I won a trading card with a pic and autograph of Wolf Kahler from Indiana Jones.  Attendees could purchase photos of themselves with the guests and autographs.  VIP attendees’ photos and autographs were included in their package with some other perks.

Jennifer Spence
Jennifer Spence
Jonathan Young
Jonathan Young
Ben Browder
Ben Browder

This was an enjoyable day but I’d prefer to interview people myself.  Not that I make a habit of interviewing people, oh, no, not at all…

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