Feminist Ballot nominations

Feminist Ballot nominations open:
this ballot lists excellent women’s work in the science fiction and fantasy fields

This ballot is about making women’s work in the field more visible.  I’m not actually running an award per se, merely promoting women’s work for consideration for awards in the science fiction and fantasy field.  (This includes horror, graphic novels etc – if it’s covered by the Hugos, Ditmars or Chronos, it’s eligible for mention here.)

Please nominate excellent women’s work in the comments below so that I can include more women.

Essential information 

If you’re nominating women for inclusion in this ballot please ensure that you provide
1) the woman/women’s name/s
2) the medium of the work (e.g. art, author, comic books [artist and/or author], musician etc)
3) country of residence and, if in Australia, the state of residence
4)  whether the work is ‘fan’ or ‘professional’
5)  links to the woman’s/women’s work
6)  if you want to be REALLY helpful, you can write up a blurb about the woman/women, the work and why it should be considered.  I’ll give credit to contributors: if you contribute this info, feel free to provide links to your own website and/or work.