Press release


The photography road trip dream of two Finnish girls is coming true as the crowdfunding campaign for FANGIRL QUEST finishes successfully, raising 102% of the original goal of $10000. This travel budget is going to take the two women on a road trip to some of the most famous filming locations in Canada and across the US.

Armed with an iPad, camera and a backpack, Tiia Öhman and Satu Walden, both from Finland but residing in the UK, have been doing what they call “sceneframing” for almost a year now. Sceneframing means they visit filming locations of their favorite films and TV shows across the world, re-frame scenes in the original locations using their ipad and publish the beautiful results on their blog.

Having been featured in international media – such as The Huffington Post, Daily Mail and Buzzfeed – the photo project has been a stellar success story where fandom and art meet in a unique and interesting way.

“I’m a photographer by profession and I’m happy we’ve found a way to combine my skills with our love for travel and tv and movies. We love being part of the fan community and it’s amazing we’ve found a way to give something back by sharing our photos with our fellow fans”, says Tiia Öhman, the photographer of the Fangirl Quest.

With the crowdfunding campaign now finished, the girls are about to set out on their over a month long journey across the North America. They fly to Vancouver from where they begin their journey – first south, through San Francisco and Los Angeles, then east to Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Dallas and Atlanta, finally finishing in New York. The intention is to cover such fan phenomena as Supernatural, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, to mention just a few.

The results of the photo project will be published in the Fangirl Quest blog, and afterwards they are planning to organize a photo exhibition and release a photo book of the journey.

The crowdfunding campaign was created and ran by the Finnish company Spaceboy that specializes in crowdfunding consultation and production. The company is established by Iron Sky –veterans Timo Vuorensola, Essi Suomela and Tero Kaukomaa.