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Endnote fix for Macs


I’m researching representations of albinism in news and contemporary culture at the University of Canberra, which provides Endnote to its students. Unfortunately, it didn’t work on my Mac and there was no easy fix in the instruction manuals or on Google.

The minion spent hours researching, fixed the problems with saving references into Endnote for the Mac and wrote the following instructions to help others. This may not work for everyone, we’re offering this in the hope that it will help some. If in doubt, research and contact the official help desk.

Configuring the export of references to EndNote using Chrome for Mac OS X:
  1. Export/download an RIS file containing a reference for EndNote. In Chrome the download will appear at the bottom of the browser page:instructionsSelect the down arrow and ensure “Always Open Files of This Type” is selected.
  2. Select the above “Show in Finder” option. This will launch the Finder application and open the folder containing the downloaded file.
  3. Right-click the RIS file and select “Get Info”:pic 2Near the bottom of the Get Info display the following “Open with” will be displayed:Picture3
  4. Select the drop down list and choose “Other…”:Picture4
  5. This will open the following dialog:Picture5Navigate to the EndNote applications folder, select the EndNote X7 application, tick the option “Always open with” and select Add.Note the option  must be ticked to ensure the export to EndNote can be automated.
  6. Near the bottom of the “Get Info” display, EndNote X7 should now be identified as the default application:Picture8Select the option change all and accept the following change:Picture10Select “Continue” to ensure all RIS files are opened automatically by EndNote X7.

We don’t guarantee this solution will work for everyone but it worked on my Mac desktop computer. Good luck!

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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