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Edie’s Experiments by Charlotte Barkla

Book 1 – How To Make Friends

Book 2 – How To Be The Best

A review by Emma Streeton

Edie’s Experiments is a fun junior fiction series featuring Edie, an optimistic and vibrant science lover. Edie always has the very best of intentions but often her plans do not quite turn out the way she expected. A little bit of mischief and mayhem seem to follow Edie wherever she goes. This paves the way for great stories that young readers will love.

Edie is a fabulous female lead. My bookworms both liked her character, particularly my oldest reader who, like Edie, is a bit nuts about all things science. For me it was refreshing to have a female lead who loves science but who was not by any means stereotypically nerdy. Edie’s character is cheeky, uplifting and funny. Just what you want from a heroine in a children’s book.

Book one

Book one in the series sees Edie start at a new school. She is keen to impress her classmates so that she has instant friends. But how best to do this Edie thinks. Through science of course! Edie decides to make bright green slime for her entire class because everyone loves a gift. What could possibly go wrong?!

Book two

In book two, Edie is back and adamant she is going to win the Eco Fair competition. That is until Dean Stralight arrives. Like Edie, Dean fancies himself as the best scientist in the class. Edie sets out to show him who really is the best. Cue the fierce competition and experimental mayhem.

The verdict

Edie’s Experiments is a series which is sure to be a big hit with young readers. My girls had a great time reading them and a lot of giggles were heard. They tell me they can’t wait to see what experiments Edie gets up to next. But be warned, Edie is inspirational and the requests to make green slime just keep on coming in my house!

Fun, lighthearted and a joy to read, Edie’s Experiments are a great addition to the bookshelf. Highly recommended.

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Book details

Bookworm rating: 4 out of 5 stars
ISBN: 9781760891770
Imprint: Puffin (Penguin)
Format: Paperback, 240 pages
Released: 2020
Category: children, fiction, science

Edie's Experiments

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