DreamHack 2023

Finding DreamHack 2023 when there are TWO Melbourne Parks in iMaps

After the comedy of errors that was yesterday, the minion returned to Melbourne to seek out and find DreamHack 2023 today. These are the best of the photos he took. If you’re in these photos or if you know someone who is, please comment.

Identifying cosplayers and costumes or characters

It’d be great if you could give me information to put in the captions. For example, you could say “I’m in photos 3, 70 and 90; my name (or pseudonym) is B, I cosplayed as Character K from anime television show Omega, and if you’d like to see more of my cosplay you can find me on Instagram at Handle”.

Or you could say “The person in photo 10 is cosplaying Meme from Studio Ghibli’s X.” That’d be cool too. (I’m just pulling this out of a hat as an example.)

I’m happy for people just to post some of that information; no links are necessary and if you don’t want to share your real name, that’s fine. But it’d be so cool to identify as many people and characters as possible.


PS you can find DreamHack on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Cosplayer information

Photo 15

DreamHack 2023 featured a cosplay parade and more. Some of these photos are of the stage.