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Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison

a review by Jade Hounsell

 What can I say but I seem to getting a whole heap of smut, smut, smut books of recent! Forget Fifty Shades of Gray (although I have to admit to never reading this series); Dragon Bound has hot sex scenes with a sexy shape-shifting dragon!

Pia has been blackmailed by her ex into stealing something from a powerful dragon’s treasure den. Pia being clever takes but a single penny from the vast horde (which includes countless treasures) and even leaves another penny and a note of apology in its place. Dragos (the dragon but I bet that’s a bit of a duh moment) however doesn’t care and only sees a theft of property that needs to be punished.

Using the note as a tracker, Dracos chases after Pia but once he finds her and hears her story of blackmail and deceit he is swayed into sparing her life and makes Pia promise to work for him until he decides she is forgiven. Things get real interesting when Dracos realizes that Pia being chosen for the theft was actually part of a much bigger political game between the Fae and the Elder (dragon) Races.

The main bulk part of this story is the love story between Pia and Dracos however there are plenty of twists and turns in the plot to keep the reader engaged. There is (and not limited to) the mystery of Pia’s heritage (and if she manages to shape shift, what she will turn into), a kidnapping, a full out battle of two against hundreds, the overthrow of the Fae King and well, as mentioned before, plenty of smut.

The building relationship between Pia and Dracos is not just portrayed with a great deal sex but also with a respect and tenderness you might not expect at the start of the book. Both characters are very strong as individuals, but they’re so great together that you really want them to overcome all their obstacles and get their happily ever after.

Aside from a small bit of info-dumping in the beginning, this is an exceptionally well-written novel for the genre, and filled with humorous situations and hilarious one-liners. I also found that this is a book that isn’t afraid to poke fun at itself, which is a nice change from some of the paranormal books that take their own mythology so seriously. The only real complaint that I can say that I have is that this book has similarities along the lines of Nalini Singh’s Psy Changeling series and a book called Heart of the Dragon by Gena Showalter. Still all in all I think that the book was an enjoyable read and I am looking forward to the next instalment in the series.



Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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