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Dark Matter Zine: Doctor Who Special Edition

Dark Matter Zine: Doctor Who Special Edition

DOWNLOAD OR READ ONLINE HERE –> Dark Matter Zine Doctor Who special edition

Dark Matter Zine Doctor Who special edition cover


This PDF online magazine – Dark Matter’s Doctor Who special edition – is here for your perusal because you either publish geekery (like Doctor Who books and magazines), you’re a library-type person who puts Dark Matter in your library, or you are one of we who shall inherit the Earth. (Hopefully not like in Bladerunner.)

I did not set out to create a Doctor Who special edition. If you’re in the know, you’re aware that I’m studying Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT University. One of my subjects this semester was Creating Content (aka desktop publishing). I was required to create a small magazine, so here we are.

If you’re a detail-oriented technophile you’ll notice that I’ve done some weird things like publish this zine in CMYK + one Pantone colour and included three advertisements for which I was not paid. These and many, many other features of this zine are a result of my efforts to comply with the brief for this assignment.

Huge thanks to Chris Garcia for his article “Dr Whom” and Alan F. Beck for his artwork that inspired my short story “Archaeological find” as well as to the Titanium Podcast people and Anita Bell who entrusted me with their actual, real-life ads. Enormous thanks goes to Lucas McKenna who will probably never know as he’s not an SF geek, but he’s the guy who answers questions in class. Arthur Clover was great too, although I had him less thanks to his flitting off on long service leave.

Arthur will probably be responsible for another Dark Matter special edition in second semester as he’s supporting me doing the advanced desktop publishing course even though it looks like I’ll be the only student doing it (all the others will be doing the diploma course, apparently none of the other degree students are interested).

Finally, I’d like to give everyone a really big “THANK YOU” because it’s thanks to your interest and support over the past three years that I’ve developed the skills that excite Arthur so much he’ll support me creating extra work for him next semester.

I hope you enjoy this, the SHORTEST EVER Dark Matter Zine.


PS if you don’t know what Doctor Who is… Google is your friend. 
Dalek fanboys by Ian Gunn

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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