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Diablo III addict


John Birmingham is one of my favourite bloggers and columnists on the webz.

Just in case you’ve never heard of Birmo before, here’s an example of why he’s so entertaining to follow (from Birmo’s twitter/facebook feed):

Tuesday: Wait! Diablo 3 is out now? Oh man. Some work is gonna done now.*

*Statement may not be true.

Later on Tuesday:  Because I haven’t got Diablo 3 yet, I am totes enjoying the #failhate on the #D3 hashy.

Even later on Tuesday:  Error37 is the new Catch 22

Later still:  Downloading #Diablo3. Cos I’m gonna write my column about it on Thursday. Yeah. Take that, tax office.

Wednesday morning:  Oh no… Sunlight! Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to let #Diablo3 into the house

Later on Wednesday:  I’d really rather go back to #Diablo3 than Queensland in the 1980s.  [To understand this comment better, also read Birmo’s additional blog he wrote for free because he was all fired up.]

Even later:  Because tomorrow’s column will be all #Diablo3, I feel I should play just a little bit more today.

Later still:  Just filed my #Diablo3 blog for tomoz. But really think I’d better go back to the game for a bit. You know. In case I got something wrong.

The blog in question is the confession of an addict.  He’s tweeted and blogged more in between, especially about the tent embassy being evicted because apparently the souvlaki festival couldn’t co-exist with Indigenous Australians.  Irony with your garlic sauce?

If you’re not entirely hooked by Birmo’s feed yet, look up his books.  He’s written a few cult classics like ‘He died with a felafel in his hand’, some ‘splodey and genuine gadget-filled SF like ‘World War 2.0’ and more.


Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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