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Demanding Kitteh


Smokey is demanding kitteh

Twitter requested a photo of Smokey being demanding kitteh. This one wasn’t taken today but you get the general idea. Before this photo was taken, I was giving Smokey her normal uber-cuddle that involves holding her a bit like a baby, up against my chest with her chin resting on my shoulder. She wasn’t satisfied so she climbed onto my shoulders and then kept moving around, being really difficult, digging her claws in to maintain her balance. At one stage she had her bum up against my head with her tail in the air. I was Not. Impressed. She graciously decided to be a little more… socially acceptable for the photo.

Today was a little different: I was standing, talking to hubby, when Smokey sent her ‘pick me up’ signal: she presses her hind leg against my leg and curls her tail around my leg. She was also looking up at me, as if saying ‘Come on, pick me up NOW.’

I picked her up and cuddled her in a baby-esque pose before sitting down at my computer again. Sitting at the computer, we had a bit of a power struggle. Smokey wanted to get back up on my shoulder but I wouldn’t let her. Our compromise was Smokey digging her claws into my clothes but not my skin, clinging to my shoulder, cuddling up as close as she could get. I either had to support her hindquarters or allow her to climb up on my shoulder. I settled for being supportive before heading over to the couch to read Suited by Jo Anderton on my ereader. Smokey settled into my lap, sinking down the way she does when she’s comfortable and content. Eventually she wanted to clean herself so, because she knows cleaning herself on my lap causes conflict, she jumped down. Later she settled on the top level of her cat-scratching post, looking out the window, which is where she remains.

Next time she’s clinging to me, I’ll try to get a photo.

I suspect Smokey is clinging because I’ve been out so much lately – nearly every day this week, she’s been left at home alone. Sad kitty.

smokey being demanding kitteh
smokey being demanding kitteh
Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.



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