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Death of an Empire by M K Hume

review by Lauren Schroder

Death of an Empire is the second book in M.K. Hume’s Prophecy series. Myrddion Emrys (later Merlinus) desires to find his parentage and leaves Cymru and travels through the crumbling Roman Empire of Gaul and Italia. His journey of discovery places him and his band of loyal companions in great danger. His healing trade is tested to the limit at various battles between Attila the Hun and the Western Roman Empire. He ends up in Constantinople (in the Eastern Roman Empire) where he continues his search for his father.

This book is quite historically accurate for the time and truthfully relates the various battles between Attila’s Hungvary horde and General Flavius Aetius. This book retells the missing decades (from historical knowledge) in the middle of Merlin’s life. It focusses on setting the scene between his service of King Vortigern the High King of the Britons and his eventual service to Uther Pendragon and his son Arthur of Camelot.

The first few chapters of the book start off a little slowly but persistence is the key to this book as it really increases in pace and interest after a few chapters. The book is 533 pages so requires a bit of commitment to finish however it is worth it. It is very interesting to read a book that relates the details of the end of the Roman Empire and the dramatic changes that will happen to Europe as a consequence.

The third book in the series takes the reader on Merlin’s adventure as he returns home to Briton and the perils that come with this long sea voyage.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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