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Dark Mode book launch

Ashley Kalagian Blunt’s book launch is available in podcast format above and on all good podcasting platforms. It’s also available in video format below. Ashley said her mum will be pleased to be able to “attend” Dark Mode‘s book launch via this video so HI ASHLEY’S MUM from the Dark Matter Zine crew.

Lyn Yeowart, author of crime thriller The Silent Listener launched Ashley Kalagian Blunt’s book, Dark Mode, on 9 March 2023 at Readings Carlton. Dark Mode is a thriller where a woman in hiding finds a body. The Dark Web is key, and Ashley talks here about her research. The below photo depicts Lyn talking on a microphone while Ashley laughs and looks at the audience. Both women are seated in front of shelves of books for sale, including Dark Mode.

Dark Mode is a thriller about a woman who’s in hiding. Her internet footprint is almost zero despite her plant sale business. She doesn’t just sell normal plants though: she sells creepy, witchy, carnivorous plants, some of which are depicted on the cover.

During the book launch Ashley Kalagian Blunt talks about her research into the dark web. This includes a zoom class where someone demonstrated the dark web. But it also included Ashley learning that some of her information – her drivers license – was posted to the dark web.


Ashley says

I wrote for years before attempting a crime novel; I’m a huge fan of the genre & couldn’t bear to muck up an attempt. Then I got sick & did almost nothing but listen to crime podcasts for 2 years … Still amazed DARK MODE is coming out from @ultimopress booktopia.com.au/dark-mode-ashl

Ashley has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which incapacitated her for a few years. During this time she listed to hundreds of hours of true crime podcasts and, once she was well enough to watch tv, she watched the entire Law & Order: SVU series in order. All four hundred and something episodes!


Previously Ashley Kalagian Blunt featured on DMZ during the Morrison Fires, the 2019/20 Australian bushfires, where she participated in a fundraiser.

Find Ashley

You can find Ashley on Twitter and Instagram as well as her website.

Ashley Kalagian Blunt book launch for Dark Mode at Readings Carlton

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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