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What’s happening at Dark Matter Zine

You may have noticed that Dark Matter Zine has changed. DMZ runs on WordPress, formerly on the Suffusion theme. The problem is that Suffusion was no longer being maintained and was still stuck in the past using HTML4 while the rest of the world moved on to HTML5.

Changes on Dark Matter Zine

Dark Matter Zine now has 41 indexes. Each index is listed alphabetically with the date in the title. Indexes cover a range of topics, for example:

The theme

Old things, especially old programs, have a tendency to break after a while so the minion found a new theme — WP-Prosperity — with which he was happy because it is a well-maintained theme written in HTML5.

It took a while for the minion to develop the theme to this point, snatching hours and days here and there, customizing the theme and contacting the developer when technical issues arose. The developer, Michael D Pollock, impressed the minion greatly with his prompt and proactive replies to an OCD database developer’s engagement with web design. [cough] I may have interpreted a leetle. [cough]

This year

University is back for the year. Classes started last week and I’m already overloaded with homework, both the graded and ungraded kind; never before have I experienced a university program whose lecturers and tutors pile on the ungraded homework as if students don’t have any life outside their hallowed walls.

So, while DMZ will be gliding effortlessly in the internet pond, I’ll be the legs frantically swimming under the surface. With help.

Smokey says hi. When I started this post she was sitting on my lap. She arose, miffed, because I dared to, y’know, TYPE AT THE KEYBOARD. Now she’s returned because cuddles.



Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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