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Daintree by Annie Seaton

daintreeA review by Lynne Larby

A while ago I read Daintree by Annie Seaton, a romance between two doctors based in — you guessed it — the Daintree forest. It’s a reunion-style romance after their initial relationship went awry.

Overall I enjoyed it but it’s a classic case of ‘AUTHOR, DO YOUR RESEARCH!’ Some of the problems with this story — many of which cause plot holes — are listed below.

  • letter and phone call in 2010? No email and no call to his mobile phone? This is old-fashioned and a huge plot hole considering the couple concerned were 23 at the time.
  • Jeremy phoned Emma and left messages on voice mail that she didn’t receive.
  • two doctors about 28 years old, both practicing medicine — including attending the emergency department of a hospital without supervision and one taking over as an administrative and practicing doctor.
  • “after uni I worked for two years in emergency… then I went back to study last year. Did an MBA.”
  • Emergency medical practitioner training can be undertaken within 5 years; to be eligible to enter the FACEM Training program you must show:
    • the successful completion of a medical degree.
    • the successful completion of 24 months pre-vocational training.
    • current general registration as a medical practitioner in Australia or New Zealand.
  • So that’s 5 years AFTER the training to enable general registration as a medical practitioner. There is no way that Emma and Jeremy would have qualified for their positions by the age of 28.

This review is also a classic case of ‘Reviewer, write the review while you can still remember the book. Do not take notes then forget about it for over two years while being discriminated against, assaulted, harassed, abused, expelled for talking and taken to court by the university for talking about the assault etc.’ I may have issues. Just maybe.


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