Continuum & National Convention

This weekend is Continuum, Victoria’s state SF convention and, for this year, the National SF Convention.  I seem to be the last person to have organised a timetable, but I have finally succumbed.  Based on my previous experience of Continuum I probably won’t attend half of these panels, but this is my list of good intentions.


2-4:30 – writing class

6pm D&D at Notions Unlimited


9am Pelham room – Take the pebble from my hand (mentoring) *if I get there early enough

10 am Argyle room – New faiths for new worlds (religion in SFF)

11 am Pelham room – the Big Bad, fairytale villains (I’m on the panel, this is not optional)

12 noon – Kelly Link’s guest of honour talk

2pm Lincoln room – Winter is Coming.  Just cos it’s Game of Thrones. 😛

3pm Pelham room – Other entities

5pm workshop

8pm costume parade and maskoblo


10am Pelham room – Elizabethans are awesome

11am Argyle room – Steamplay

12 noon Alison Goodman guest of honour talk

2pm Lincoln room – Apocalypses through the ages (again not negotiable: I’m on the panel)

3pm Argyle room – Revenge of the Nerds

4pm Argyle room – Where has all the SF gone?

5pm Drummond – Hey I game too!

6pm 3 panels competing for my attention: The Crafty Middle Ages, Steampunk Squalor and Art Masterclass!  Clone, where art thou?! – WTF, when am I supposed to eat?!

8pm Awards ceremony

Going home, exhausted.


By Monday I expect to be exhausted so I’m not planning much.

11am Argyle room – Suffragettes in the Citadel

2pm Faraday room – Fandom for a cause