Contemporary fantasy influenced by Asian mythology

Crowd-sourcing information!

I am looking for Australian or at least Western (aka English as a first language) contemporary fantasy influenced by Asian mythology for an oral presentation for my Archetypes & Imagery course. This oral presentation will later be put up on Dark Matter as an essay because TWO FOR ONE.

So far my list consists of

  • Kylie Chan
  • Traci Harding
  • Jay Kristoff 

And there I stalled.

If you have a suggestion of a particular author with specific novels influencing the work, please comment. Also any urls with links to the relevant mythology would be awesome.


Chris Ruzkin suggested Gillian Rubinstein and Liz Williams if I extend to English fic.

Russell B. Farr of Ticonderoga Publications suggested

  • Stephen Dedman‘s Art of Arrow Cutting series.
  • “Interview with the Jiangshi” by Anne Mok in DEAD RED HEART.
  • Penelope Love’s story in DEAD RED HEART  — it’s set in 1850s Victoria
  • A bunch of the stories in Amanda Pillar‘s BLOODSTONES
  • Angela Slatter‘s “The Chrythanthemum Bride”

Russ gets bonus kudos because he’s going to send a review copy of Dead Read Heart. Which I just noticed is not merely published by Ticonderoga but RUSSELL EDITED IT.

Kylie Chan recommended the Multi-award-winning mega-talented Lian Hearn!

Shaneyah Galley of Gestalt Publishing recommended Kylie Chan’s books (only part of my post was up then).

Kate Hore and Kylie Fox recommended Alison Goodman’s Eon/Eona books: they’re YA and fantasy;

How could I have forgotten Eon and Eona? I’ve read and reviewed both recently! Yay for the Hive Mind!

Kate Hore also recommended Lian Hearn’s Across the Nightingale Floor series.