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Final Caravan of Comics appeal: 24 hours to go

Caravan of Comics: 24 hours to go

appeal by Bruce Mutard

Oh yes, it’s Bruce the spam again… but wait!

This is absolutely, definitively, positively the last of last calls from me to hop on to the Caravan of Comics campaign. There’s just on 24 hours to go. 

Caravan of Comics indiegogo appeal

I know many of you really want to support us more because it’s clear there’s a huge amount of goodwill towards us. That is so wonderful to know. But I also know many of you are really struggling to find money to pay for the essentials. To that effect, I’d like to invite you to contribute $2 and still get an electronic copy of our comic. Forget $10. It’s more about saying: I’m on board; I believe in this venture; I’m there in spirit. Also, your name will go up on the page of honour on the CoC site, in our comic, and in the credits on the doco. It’s about 35 seconds of your 15 minutes of fame, so not too much.
Now, here’s the BIG deal: you can customise the perks if none of them really suit you.

This is a private arrangement with me, so let me know what you want. You’ll still pay via the site, but you can tell me you’d rather the comic, caravan doco and the postcards for $50. Or you just want an original art page from me plus the postcards and the comic for say, $100. Or add a page from Francis Bear as well, for say $150. I know this might piss off some people who’ve already committed, but it’s between you and me, you see. I’m the guy behind it all and I’m there’s already been a couple of private requests, so I’m just saying this is possible.Wink and nudge and all that.

If you have already hopped on, please spread do us a favour and spread this around one more time.


Home Cooked Comics Festival

SECONDLY: You should all come to this, too, if you’re in Melbourne Sunday the 28th April at the Northcote Town Hall: it’s the Homecooked Comics Festival, where the Caravan will be present to show and tell and do lots of nice drawings of you for money apparently. At least that means we’re not monkeys. Lots of fun things to do on a Sunday arvo in Melbourne. Facebook event page and Darebin City Council website page.
Please invite your friends/share on your pages. I will keep working on it and adding links to your sites etc.

Proudly presented by Darebin City Council and sponsored by Jellis Craig Real Estate and Allen & Unwin

Comic Book Launch

LASTLY, You should also go to the launch of Greg Holfeld’ and Ruth Starke’ An Anzac Talea new graphic novel featuring anthroporphic diggers and galahs etc. It’s quite a book in lovely Hardcover, too. It’s on Tuesday the 23rd April at 5:30pm, at Readings at the Brain Centre on Royal Parade.

That’s enough from me for a while. You’ll be relieved to know!Champs all of ya,
Bruce Mutard’s website
Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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