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Claudia Christian in the Limelight

On 18 December 2012, Claudia Christian spoke to Nalini Haynes of Dark Matter about her time on Babylon 5, the reason she left B5,  her book Babylon Confidential and more.

Planned interview questions

Planned interview questions are as follows (please note: interviews are organic so the order of questions may vary or Claudia may have answered a question without it’s being asked, etc):

  • When did you know you were going to take up acting?
  • How did you prepare for your acting career?
  • You were focusing on movies when you were offered a role in Babylon 5; did you experience culture shock moving into science fiction AND TV work?
  • What were some of the cultural challenges you faced working in science fiction and relating to fans?
  •  Jod asked: How did you feel about changes during the series such as Bruce Boxleitner taking over as Captain in season 2?
  •  Brendan Podger asked: What is your favourite line? (She got all the good ones or she put over all her Kick-ass lines best anyway.)
  •  Brendan Podger ‏asked: Watching your character open up was amazing, did you have any idea of how deep your character would be early on?
  •  Sheldon Whittaker asked: I have heard that J. MIchael Straczynski was a great listener around the set of B5 garnering inspiration where ever it came from, and not that you are a Bi-sexual Jewish Latent-Telepath, but How much of you did he put into Susan Ivanova?
  • Since working on Babylon 5 you were heavily involved in Starhyke.  What can you tell us about that show and working with that cast and crew?
  • Kevin Powe ‏asked: What were you most nervous about when you started voice acting?
  • What are some of the key differences in working as a voice actor compared to working as a screen actor?
  •  You’ve featured as a voice actor in a number of computer games like Halo, Skyrim and Guild Wars 2.
  • What was working as a voice actor on those games like?
  • Do you play the games?
  •  Jeremy Hamilton asked: Of all the sci fi shows on tv at the moment which one would you like to be starring in ??
  •  You’ve co-written an autobiography called Babylon Confidential.  What was sharing your story like for you?
  • How difficult was it to entrust the ghost writing to someone else?
  • Babylon Confidential is aimed at a mainstream audience: are you planning to write a companion book to share your adventures working in science fiction with your fans?
  • Morgan mentioned that there were some awesome photos you couldn’t include in Babylon Confidential, like being carried around a convention by 10 Klingons.  What are some of your favourite convention stories?
  • Where can fans find the photos that could not be included in the book?
  • There is a strong science fiction fan base in Melbourne – when do you think you’ll make it back to a convention here?
  • What projects do you have coming up?

It was an interesting interview, well worth watching.  MP3 (audio only) will be coming soon.

Claudia Christian
Claudia Christian

Note: the image and sound quality varies: the international internet connection left something to be desired.  Some intercontinental interviews run more smoothly than others – if I work out the best times to get the best quality video, I’ll do my best to schedule interviews accordingly.  I think the interview is worth persevering through the glitches.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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