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Clare Niederpruem on Christmas movies, Vince Vaughn v Hallmark

Clare Niederpruem: an attractive young woman with long hair smiles directly at the cameraIn this podcast, Nalini Haynes interviews Clare Niederpruem. Clare has a history of acting in sci fi and fantasy. She was in Zombie Hunter, Mythica and My Brother The Time Traveller. Her writing and directing encompasses sci fi, romance, historical fiction and more.

For this Christmas she directed two seasonal romantic comedies that are strikingly different. Christmas with the Campbells looks clean cut but the innuendo inspires viewers’ double takes. In contrast, A Royal Corgi Christmas is on the Hallmark channel.

Christmas with the Campbells

One of Clare’s movies, Christmas with the Campbells, was written by Barbara Kymlicka, Vince Vaughn and Dan Lagana. I recognise Vince Vaughn’s name immediately: he is known for the kind of humor in this movie. It’s surprising there’s not more slapstick. Instead, the visuals are straight, very Hallmark, while the dialogue just ISN’T.

I haven’t seen A Royal Corgi Christmas but it sounds like the kind of fun cheesy romcom that I watch at this time of year.


Around the time I watched Christmas with the Campbells, I read A Merry Little Meet Cute by Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone. The timing was hilarious. These stories are on a spectrum where Royal Corgi is at the squeaky clean end, Campbells is in the middle and – if Meet Cute was a movie – it’d be R rated.

But that’s not all.

A Merry Little Meet Cute is about making a “Hopeflix” aka “Hallmark-type” movie. But the leading lady is a porn star and the leading man is a former boy band crush of hers. And, let’s just say IT’S COMPLICATED.

During our chat, I wished I could talk about Meet Cute with Clare, ask about the dynamics of working with Hallmark, and so much more. However, I doubted Clare had read Meet Cute as it’s barely out. And we only had a 15 minute time slot anyway. Her publicists – as with the publicity for a lot of the film-related interviews I’ve been doing – organise interviews on a military-like schedule. There’s no room to shoot the breeze and explore in depth. Maybe one day.

Brinna Kelly is a similar creator and I thoroughly enjoyed this more extensive interview with her.

Finding Clare Niederpruem

You can find Clare on Instagram.

The Movie Database has a nice layout showcasing Clare’s work, better than IMDB in my opinion. IMDB has become enamoured of itself and overwhelmed the information with ads. Including the ads to “pay us money for more information”. Meh. I like the Apple TV layout but it’s missing a lot of Clare’s credits.

Future interviews

I intend to start transcribing interviews again next year but that’s a work in progress. Thank you for listening/reading.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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