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Francesca Haig

Francesca Haig

Nalini Haynes interviews Dr Francesca Haig, Visiting Writing Fellow (University of Chester),  in the podcast (MP3, above) and the video (MP4, below). Francesca grew up …

Diversity in YA

“Diversity in YA” with Fiona Wood, Michael Pryor and Meg Mundell

For too long, straight white non-disabled privileged characters have dominated literature. Fiona Wood, Michael Pryor and Meg Mundell have each written diverse characters: ethnic diversity, characters …

queers destroy science fiction

“Queers Destroy Science Fiction” with Seanan McGuire and Mark Oshiro

The Queers Destroy Science Fiction edition of Lightspeed Magazine is currently open on Kickstarter for financial contributions. Contributions’ terms and conditions are also listed on the kickstarter …