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Cat welcomes return from Canberra


My cat Smokey's warm welcome

My cat Smokey keeps me under her paw

Canberra may be chilly but my cat Smokey’s welcome home has been anything but. She alternates between climbing all over me, clinging tightly and cuddling up or, in her more distant moments, she supervises me from no more than a metre away.

Canberra may be chilly but the people are friendly and helpful, giving directions to a lost soul or, when they can’t help, grabbing a passing stranger to ask them to help.

I can’t walk two blocks in Melbourne without someone kicking my cane or slamming in to me. I spent over a week in Canberra and no-one kicked my cane, not even when I was wandering around by myself. No-one bumped in to me. No-one slammed into me and told me to get out of their way, to watch where I’m going or to walk around them.

The minion has commented that the science fiction people he’s met from Canberra at national conventions have also been incredibly warm and friendly. The minion wants to attend Conflux. He’s even looked it up: apparently Conflux is being held at the Novotel in the city, about 1.5 km from his flat.

All being well, we’ll both be there.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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