Can of worms — a silly illo by Ian Gunn

Can of worms

Can of Worms

Is this can of worms waiting for a wizard from Unseen University? Or perhaps it’s waiting for another unsuspecting, purely innocent-type individual to make a comment about cute beaver-type Pokemon to Rebecca Fleming who, apparently, loathes them.

Silly Illo artist Ian Gunn

Ian Gunn, creator of these silly illos (illustrations), was a much-loved award-winning artist based in Melbourne. Cancer took him from us too soon.

Ian left a legacy including lots of great illustrations. Many of these illustrations are available for sale.

Victoria’s science fiction convention, Continuum, occasionally presents the Ian Gunn Memorial Award recognising the ‘unsung heroes’ of fandom: people consistently working in the background who never expect any recognition of their efforts. This commemorates Ian’s selfless efforts to reach out to others, encouraging others and thereby building the science fiction community.

K’rin Pender-Gunn, Ian’s widow, gave Dark Matter Zine permission to republish Ian’s artwork. Thanks, K’rin!