Cabin in the Woods plus antidotes to Monday-itis

Cabin in the Woods screening
The Astor Theatre tweeted:
FRIDAY JULY 6TH, LATE SHOW, 10.30PM. That is when we will be screening CABIN IN THE WOODS!!

This is the second cinema to come on board with Cabin in the Woods: Cinema Nova will also be screening Cabin in the Woods.

The Discworld Convention fundraiser has created an event for a group to attend a Cinema Nova screening of Cabin in the Woods.

Straczynski on Sherlock

JMS said (on facebook) After watching tonight’s Sherlock episode the only thing keeping me from getting out of the writing business is knowing it would bring joy to too many people. Goddamn that may be some of the best television I’ve ever seen…I’m doomed.

I’m thinking I should probably give it a go… I haven’t watched any of this series of Sherlock yet.

Kirstyn McDermott schedules scary times

Kirstyn writes here about her planned event with other scary authors at the Emerging Writers Festival in Melbourne this month.  If I was in to horror, I’d be there.

Gail Carriger linked this tentacled goodness

John Scalzi writes a free short story for Chicon (this year’s SF world convention) members.  That supporting membership I bought at $50 gets better and better 🙂