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I received a couple of books last week but with all the dramas in my life, I forgot to post them.  Then hubby came home bearing not one, not two, but four parcels of books today (one in each parcel), reminding me that I’m behind.  So here is the round-up of books received since last time.

Force unleashed 2 cover

This beautiful but lonely hardcover is going to require companions; I may have casually mentioned my need – one or thrice – for matching books; the minion is waiting for his next paycheck.

Whenever I read a hardcover, I put the dustjacket safely to one side beforehand to prevent unsightly dings and tears, while I gently nurse my precious, my precious…  And that’s when the book isn’t autographed.

Force unleashed 2 cover

I bought a limited, signed edition of a book the minion wanted to read once; he has now swiped my kindle for some strange reason…

Alveridgea cover

Alveridgea is beautiful.  Hardcover, gold embossed lettering, faux embossed corners, with a richly coloured central picture inset and raised up.  I haven’t read the book yet, but it’s appearance leads me to hope it will be one of those treasured volumes that is lovingly perused again and again.  The pages are not your normal paper colour, but are slightly yellow.  Exquisite greyscale pencil drawings and sepia pseudo-photos are scattered throughout.  Ornate lettering marks the opening of each chapter.  Contrasting typeface highlights the occasional poem or insertion.   The only thing missing is that wonderful ‘old book’ smell.

No self-respecting SF fan would admit to being ignorant of the fact that Total Recall is out in the cinema.  I’m just waiting for the minion’s next contract to arrive, then I’m scraping my pennies together for a trip to the cinema (cinema is a luxury dole bludgers like us can’t afford).  I’ve never actually read Total Recall before, nor, indeed, most of Philip K Dick’s stories.  This will be an education.  The print size for this collection of short stories is small but dark, contrasting well with the page, and the cover falls open easily.  Using the CCTV lent to me by Vision Australia, I anticipate little difficulty reading the book (note: I’m vision impaired aka blind as a bat).

This is the fourth and, I believe, final book in the tiger series by Colleen Houck.  Jade Hounsell has been reviewing this series, and I’m hoping she has time to do this pretty romance novel justice.  The cover stands out among paranormal romance novels with its focus on a dynamic predatory bird rather than a pretty girl; the colours are dynamic and vibrant.  The print is on the small side.

I’m not sure if I recall seeing this book before it arrived.  Bitter Seeds has recommendations from George R.R. Martin on the front cover and Cory Doctorow on the back cover, so you’re not prying this one out of my cold dead hands.

This arrived as an uncorrected manuscript proof and it’s a brick, surprisingly heavy.  I like the cover as it’s striking and unusual even though my personal preference would be for a better tonal range in the featured characters.  A debut fantasy novel, this one comes from ‘the team who launched Joe Abercrombie, Patrick Rothfuss, Scott Lynch and Elspeth Cooper‘ and is recommended for Abercrombie’s and George R.R. Martin’s readers.  The media sheet spruiks the author as a re-enactor and weapons specialist, so I hope the fight scenes will be realistic.  It’s been months since I read Dance with Dragons and even longer since I read The Heroes; I think I need me a fix.

Can someone please make a 26 hour day and 8 day week?  With the extry time just for me to read?

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