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Book Eaters inspired card

Thank you card

Sunyi Dean was a guest on Dark Matter’s podcast, talking about her book The Book Eaters. So I made her a thank you card.

Thank you to Sunyi Dean: a card styled like a cupboard with books, a potion, cobweb and spider inside

Google decrees that you’re not an expert in your own content unless you include your own images in blog posts. Between rants and teeth grinding, I’m making some of my own images.

However, the part of making my own images that I love is making cards! And I get I real kick out of using the recipient to inspire my card-making. It’s not always possible but it’s a fun challenge.

This card was a learning process. Fiddly and, at times, FRUSTRATING.

sunyi dean's thank you card: closed

This is the closed card. The top flips up to reveal the “thank you” sentiment in Times New Roman or a similar font. The doors open to reveal books and a potion because I decree this is a Book Eater pantry.

In the future I think I’ll just make cards similar in gatefold (two sides open to reveal the middle) style instead of with the added top fold. I regret putting the potion in: in hindsight, I don’t think it really fits other than as a reference to Dean’s story. And I had enormous trouble getting the “floating” books to fit and float without tearing the card. Next time I’ll do something different, either use a different type of acetate or use card and try to color it to match the background.

It was a learning experience. I enjoyed the challenge and I enjoyed making something for an author whose book I enjoyed so much.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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