Competition closed: Blackthorn and Grim trilogy to give away


The winner is Peter Scully! Congratulations.

Dark Matter Zine and Pan Macmillan Australia are pleased to give away the complete Blackthorn and Grim trilogy by Juliet Marillier.

To enter, email with ‘Blackthorn and Grim’ in the subject line by 5 pm 7 October 2016. All entries must have an Australian postal address.

I will interview Juliet Marillier on 27 September 2016 so please leave any questions you’d like me to ask her in the comments.

Dreamer’s Pool: Blackthorn and Grim book 1


The first book in the thrilling Blackthorn and Grim series from the author of Shadowfell and the Sevenwaters series

Embittered healer Blackthorn, wrongly condemned to death, is offered a lifeline by a mysterious stranger. In return, she must set aside her bid for vengeance against the man who destroyed all that she once loved. Not only that: for seven years she must agree to help anyone who asks for her aid. She and her companion Grim settle on the fringes of a mysterious forest in Dalriada, far from the place of their incarceration, and start a new life.

Oran, the crown prince of Dalriada, is waiting for his bride-to-be, Lady Flidais. Her letters and sweet portrait have convinced him that she is his destined true love.

But letters can lie.

To save Oran from disaster, Blackthorn and Grim will need courage, ingenuity, and more than a little magic.


“A new book by Juliet Marillier is always a cause for celebration … A dark and enthralling tale of mystery, magic and romance” Kate Forsyth

“With its roots twisting through the mythology of ancient Ireland, the beautiful prose propels the story along” Daily Telegraph

“compulsive reading” West Australian

Fans of Marion Zimmer Bradley, Isobelle Carmody and Robin Hobb will love Juliet Marillier.

Tower of Thorns: Blackthorn and Grim book 2

The second book in the thrilling Blackthorn and Grim series, sequel to the award-winningDreamer’s Pool, from the author of Shadowfell and the Sevenwaters series.

“A new book by Juliet Marillier is always a cause for celebration” Kate Forsyth

Disillusioned healer Blackthorn and her companion Grim have settled quietly in Dalriada to wait out the seven years of Blackthorn’s bond to her fey mentor. But trouble has a way of seeking out Blackthorn and Grim.

Lady Geiléis, a noblewoman from the northern border, has asked for the prince of Dalriada’s help in expelling a howling creature from an old tower on her land – one surrounded by an impenetrable hedge of thorns. Casting a blight over the entire district, and impossible to drive out by ordinary means, the mysterious presence threatens both the safety and the sanity of all who live nearby.

As Blackthorn and Grim begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together, it becomes clear that a powerful adversary is at work. Their quest is about to become a life and death struggle – where even the closest of friends can find themselves on opposite sides.


“Juliet Marillier is a fine fantasy writer.” Anne McCaffrey

Fans of Marion Zimmer Bradley, Isobelle Carmody and Robin Hobb will love Juliet Marillier.

Den of Wolves: Blackthorn and Grim book 3

“Feather bright and feather fine
None shall harm this child of mine”

Healer Blackthorn knows all too well the rules of her bond to the fey: seek no vengeance, help any who ask, do only good. But after the most recent ordeal she and Grim have suffered, she knows she cannot let go of her quest to bring justice to the man who ruined her life.

Despite her own struggles, Blackthorn agrees to help the princess of Dalriada to care for a troubled young girl who has been brought to court, while Grim travels to the girl’s home at Wolf Glen to aid her wealthy father with a strange task, repairing a broken down house deep in the woods. It doesn’t take Grim long to realise that everything in Wolf Glen is not as it seems, the place is full of perilous secrets and deadly lies.

Back at Winterfalls, the evil touch of Blackthorn’s sworn enemy reopens old wounds and fuels her long simmering desire for retribution. With danger on two fronts, Blackthorn and Grim are faced with a heartbreaking choice, to stand once again by each other’s side or to fight their battles alone.

Terms and conditions for Blackthorn and Grim giveaway:
  1. To enter, email with ‘Blackthorn and Grimm’ in the subject heading and your postal address in the body of the email.
  2. Entrants must have an Australian postal address.
  3. All entries must be received by 5pm AEST (Canberra time) 7 October 2016.
  4. No late entries accepted.
  5. Winners will be selected via a random number generator.
  6. Addresses will only be used for the purpose of this competition.
  7. Pan Macmillan will mail out the prizes so the winner’s nam and address will be provided to them for this purpose.
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Dreamer's Pool: Blackthorn and Grim book 1Tower of Thorns: Blackthorn and Grim book 2Den of Wolves: Blackthorn and Grim book 3