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BFI Voyager SF festival in the UK

Last weekend was BFI Voyager, a science fiction festival in the UK. This festival was a combined effort of HarperVoyager and BFI, a digital movie rental/sales company. Many events were on the ground in the UK but some were online.

Surveys were sent out to many in the SFF community, then put online on the HarperVoyager website. I was included in the roundup; you can ‘meet’ me here.

There were some internet events including  Twitter and Facebook conversations and a Google Hangout or two each day. I’m not sure if they’re going to storify twitter and make the G+ hangouts permanently available these for those of us who are in different timezones. HarperVoyager has a website where the BFIVoyager events are neatly tagged, however, so watch this space.

BFI Voyager said in email (obviously these events have already happened but most if not all should still be available):

Aspiring writers, join steam punk author Liesel Schwarz, author of Writing SFF on Facebook RGHT NOW. 

At 5pm, ask scientist and author Marcus Chown ANYTHING you want about space, the universe and everything. He’ll be on Twitter then.

The phenomanal cover designer and photographer Larry Rostant will be answering questions at 5.30 on Facebook.

Intruders author Michael Marshall will be answering questions on Twitter at 6pm

Other great stuff:

Listen to podcast interviews with Jeff Vandermeer, Brian Aldiss, Luke Treadaway and Lauren Beukes in our exclusive BFIVoyager playlist

Also, we’ve curated a Sci-Fi themed Spotify playlist, which you can add your favourite spacey tracks to. Check it out here.

And do check out the BFI’s Sci-Fi film season; Days of Fear and Wonder, here.

We really hope you enjoy the weekend and do let us know.


Team #BFIVoyager

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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