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Behind every editor there is a cat


Behind every editor there is a cat.

Smokey supervising
Smokey supervising

This is the view from where I’m sitting at my computer, writing reviews and periodically checking to see if my comment on Nicolle Flint’s inflammatory opinion piece is put up.  Not surprisingly, my query about whether she’s actually read key sociological works prior to writing her anti-feminist piece has not been approved; I even suggested some reading material for Nicolle, written by male 21st century authors such as Associate Professor Anthony McMahon (Taking Care of Men: Sexual Politics in the Public Mind) and Doctor Ken Dempsey (Inequalities in Marriage: Australia and Beyond).  I urged Nicolle to employ a fact-checker like Alan Jones before presenting her biases as a form of journalism.

Smokey has supervised me assiduously throughout this process.  We’ve both waited with baited breath for the Age moderator to approve my comment but alas!  Comments made later than mine are now online and my little comment founded on an understanding of sociology with research into gender inequality appears to have been malleted.   I’ll just take my three degrees – Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma of Social Science and Master of Social Science – bowing to the superior intellect of a PhD candidate whose opinion piece is remarkable in its absence of academic rigour.

Under Smokey’s supervision I’ve also written a review of Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker that I’ll proof later and publish, as well as beginning a review of the Iron King by Maurice Druon.  The Iron King novel out on 1 January, so I’m not sure whether I’ll publish this review now or wait until January.

Throughout all of this Smokey sat on hubby’s chair in front of hubby’s computer supervising me over here.  It wasn’t until I’d nearly finished writing this blog that she arose with a flick of her tail, leaping to the floor to stroll into the kitchen for a snack before disappearing.  The weather is quite windy this morning, following on from the rain Smokey so loathes, so I suspect Smokey is now in hiding until calm prevails.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


    • I scrolled through the comments MANY times I couldn’t find it. After your comment I went looking again. I still couldn’t find my comment when I scrolled through the comments, but by taking an alternative route to my comments I found it. Obviously I must have missed it somehow because someone else has replied to it, missing my point.

      “The above article is an emotive piece of reportage that seems to ignore sociological studies of gender inequality in Australia. It appears Nicolle hasn’t bothered to read, for example, ‘Taking care of men: sexual politics in the public mind’ by Anthony McMahon nor ‘Inequalities in marriage’ by Professor Ken Dempsey, nor any of the plethora of sociological studies and theses focused on gender inequality in the twenty-first century in Australia.

      I suggest that, like Alan Jones, Nicolle employs a FACT CHECKER or refrains from presenting her personal biases as journalism.”
      Dark Matter
      Date and time
      Today, 09:29AM

      All that ‘Inequalities in marriage’ by Professor Ken Dempsey proves is that men need to to be TOLD repeatedly what to do. What a female wants to be done and what must be done around the house are two different things, and is purely subjective. You can’t claim men are sexist because may not willing be told what to do all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Date and time
      Today, 11:23AM

      • Normally referred to as the Failfax comment system. I use ctrl-f to find my comment on the page. email notifications days (even a week in some cases) or never showiing up.

        Her argument seems to be it is women’s choices holding them back and things to help make those choices fairer are wrong or insulting or something.


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