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If you’ve been following the space marine controversy since December, you will have seen an explosion from the science fiction community seeking to keep ‘space marines’ in the public domain as befits a science fiction icon first mentioned in 1932 and since incorporated into the SF of many great authors.  A backlash occurred from those protective of Games Workshop, supporting GW in seeking to own space marines and accusing MCA Hogarth of seeking publicity to increase sales.

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The backlash included accusations of Maggie Hogarth somehow machinating this controversy although Games Workshop took the first step.  People have asked how much of the proceeds from the sales of Spots the Space Marine go to charity, and have made assumptions that this publicity has resulted in the sale of thousands of books and wealth for Ms Hogarth.  These issues are addressed in this interview.

This interview tells a little-known story of a woman actively engaged in science fiction and fantasy fandom since she was a teenager, who eventually self-published a novel giving her race and gender the cool toys to complement and compliment all the SF greats who’ve given the guys the cool toys, making the space marines a guys’ role.

I found Maggie to be personable, intelligent and thoughtful.  Although I haven’t read Spots the Space Marine, my curiosity was piqued by Maggie’s motivations.  Maggie has read SF icons who give the guys the cool toys; she wants ALL THE SPACE MARINE’S TOYS for herself as a Hispanic Mom, so she wrote Spots the Space Marine.

Enjoy.  I certainly enjoyed speaking to Maggie.

Spots the Space Marine

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