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Awards for excellent representations of disability in pop culture

This year I’m launching Dark Matter Zine’s awards for excellent representation of disability in pop culture (text & screen). I’ve even found someone to make unique awards: Elena of The Guild made the award in the below photo for the last Fireside Gathering (Hearthstone competition).

Elena says she’ll make DMZ’s disability awards. The pictured award is light and not too thick so I could post them world wide!

Now I need a better name than ‘Nauwu’ (Nothing About Us Without Us) because it’s too close to Nauru and all those horrible connotations.

I also need a design for the awards.

Any suggestions? Feel free to comment below to receive Commentluv (if you so choose), contact me on any social media platform or via email with your suggestions.

Disability Award — Elena of The Guild will make DMZ's awards

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


  1. My son lived with MS for 19 yrs. He lost most of his eyesight & mobility, but he would have gotten nearly all of Ben Aaronovitch’s references in his Peter Grant series. He was an ardent SF/Fantasy fan as well as being a literary fiction fan. He really appreciated when disabled characters were presented as able to function in the world, yet honestly shown as unable to overcome the reality of their disability. Honesty and inclusiveness in fiction is empowering. I’m eager to see the progress of your idea and the first nominees.

  2. What a wonderful idea, and something sorely needed in creative industries. As for an acronym – how about AFEIROD – Awards For Excellence In Representation Of Disability? Looking forward to hearing more.


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