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This entry is part 2 of 31 in the series #AuthorsForFireys firefighting fundraiser series

Zana FraillonThis podcast features Zana Fraillon, an award-winning author who has donated books and bling to raise money via #AuthorsForFireys for the fire fighting effort here in Australia. The full set of #AuthorsForFireys interviews and blog posts will be here as soon as they are published, as interviews and guest blogs for #AuthorsForWildlife will be here.

When Zana isn’t reading or writing, she likes to explore the museums and hidden passageways scattered across Melbourne. They provide the same excitement as that moment before opening a new book – preparing to step into the unknown where a whole world of possibilities awaits.

To bid on Zana Fraillon’s auction items, see her twitter feed. Here are all DMZ reviews of Zana’s books and interviews with Zana. And here is my 2016 interview of Zana around the time of release of her award winning novel Bone Sparrow.

Auction items from Zana Fraillon

1) Have your name given to a character in Zana’s next book (Lost Soul Atlas, pub. June 2020). No guarantees the character won’t come to some harm…

2) Coffee with the Coven. Coffee and cake for you and a friend with our writerly coven, Penny Harrison, Penni Russon, Kate Mildenhall and Zana. All authorly questions answered…
(Zana says this could be an internet conversation where you provide your own coffee and cake if you’re not in Melbourne.)

3) The very first out of the box copy of #LostSoulAtlas (pub 2020), signed and dated. (And you get it as soon as she does…) PLUS a bespoke handmade trinket made from the book…

4) A signed copy of #Wisp. (DMZ review of Wisp here.) PLUS an actual piece of a REAL LIFE Wisp, captured and bottled for your wishing, dreaming, remembering, hoping and promising pleasure…

5) Signed copy of The Ones That Disappeared, PLUS a bespoke trinket made from the book

6) A signed HARDBACK copy of The Bone Sparrow (your choice of cover… DMZ review of The Bone Sparrow here.) PLUS a bespoke trinket made from the book…

Update: new donation information.

As originally wanted by @EmilyGale and @NovaWeetman, this fundraiser is now officially for ALL fire services in Australia. The official Authors For Fireys Website will be updated accordingly. Winning bidders or auctioning authors can nominate funds to the fire service of their choice. #AuthorsForFireys.

Want to know if this is legit?

Yes, it is legit. The whole community — Australian and global — is rallying together to support Australian firefighters, wildlife recuse and bushfire victims. Here are some reports on this effort.

How this auction works (from Emily Gale)

The #AuthorsForFireys auction will take place only on Twitter from Monday 6th January, ending at 11pm AEST on Saturday 11th January. Scores of authors, illustrators and book industry people will host their own individual auction under the hashtag #AuthorsForFireys and bids will take place on each tweet. At the end, the highest bidder will donate the amount directly to the firefighters fund, and the goods/services dispatched once proof of donation has been received.

Items up for auction include signed books, original illustrations, one-off fan-art and craft, unique gifts and manuscript critiques for writers.

There is a supporting site, explaining how it works, at this address: https://authorsforfireys.wixsite.com/website

Given the $18million fundraiser for the NSW RFS this week, proceeds from this auction will be directed to the CFA (Victoria).

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Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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