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Elizabeth Stevens: #AuthorsForFireys guest blog

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Elizabeth Stevens
Elizabeth Stevens. I’m jealous: my hair won’t take/keep dyes. — Editor.


This guest blog features author Elizabeth Stevens who is donating items for the #AuthorsForFireys auction to raise money for the fire fighting effort here in Australia. The full set of #AuthorsForFireys interviews and blog series will be here as soon as they are published.

From Elizabeth Stevens

As an Australian author, sometimes it can sometimes feel like you’re all alone in the world. You sit at the computer, at your desk, in your local coffee shop, feeling like your colleagues on the other side of the internet are miles away – even if they’re in the same state. But the internet also has the power to bring us all together and make us feel incredibly close. The #AuthorsForFireys / #authorsforfiries auction on Twitter has done just that.

With a simple hashtag, I’m reminded that Australians stick together, no matter where we are. Writers not only Australia-wide but worldwide have come together to support the people putting their lives on the line as bushfires blaze. Suddenly, I’m feeling a little less helpless while my country burns.

So, it was never about if I should get involved, it was more about what on Earth I had to offer that people might be interested in bidding on. After all, I’m a relatively unknown self-published writer, I have a quietly growing backlist of books ranging from Middle Grade, through YA/NA and into Adult readers, and I’ve only just started on my PhD in Publishing and Editing (with a focus on Indie Book Marketing). What could I offer a Twitter-verse of people who don’t know me? Books. I have signed books to auction up. But somehow, that didn’t feel like enough. And so, I ended up with four auctions running.

Offer 1:

A Royal Misadventures Book Pack is going to the highest bidder in Australia or internationally. Five signed YA/NA romantic-comedy books, two iron-on t-shirt transfers, and a bookmark.

Bids on the tweet offer here: https://twitter.com/writeriz/status/1214097389373423616.

Offer 2:

A workshop/author visit for any organisation, library or school in Adelaide, SA and surrounds (up to two hours’ drive out of Adelaide). All age groups catered for. All topics under the writing and self-publishing banner on offer.

Bids on tweet here: https://twitter.com/writeriz/status/1214098610159153152.

Offer 3:

A mini-mentorship for a writer under 21. Got questions about writing or self-publishing? I’m offering a month of my time in 2020 to help with anything I can. Express details/delivery to be determined with winner upon donation.

Bids on tweet here: https://twitter.com/writeriz/status/1214098965580267522.

Offer 4:

A specially commissioned short story containing any (up to five) of my characters in (almost) any scenario you want. Details to be determined with winner.

Bids on tweet here: https://twitter.com/writeriz/status/1214099167418564611.

I urge everyone to bid what you can – every dollarydoo helps. Australia thanks you.

You can check out more about me and my books at:

Update: new donation information.

As originally wanted by @EmilyGale and @NovaWeetman, this fundraiser is now officially for ALL fire services in Australia. The official Authors For Fireys Website will be updated accordingly. Winning bidders or auctioning authors can nominate funds to the fire service of their choice. #AuthorsForFireys.

Want to know if this is legit?

Yes, it is legit. The whole community — Australian and global — is rallying together to support Australian firefighters, wildlife recuse and bushfire victims. Here are some reports on this effort.

Fundraiser information from Emily Gale

The #AuthorsForFireys auction will take place only on Twitter from Monday 6th January, ending at 11pm AEST on Saturday 11th January. Scores of authors, illustrators and book industry people will host their own individual auction under the hashtag #AuthorsForFireys and bids will take place on each tweet. At the end, the highest bidder will donate the amount directly to the firefighters fund, and the goods/services dispatched once proof of donation has been received.

Items up for auction include signed books, original illustrations, one-off fan-art and craft, unique gifts and manuscript critiques for writers.

There is a supporting site, explaining how it works, at this address: https://authorsforfireys.wixsite.com/website.

Given the $18million fundraiser (and climbing, thanks Celeste Barber) for the NSW RFS this week, proceeds from this auction are going to the CFA (Victoria).

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