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Australian National Convention 2012 links


I’m trying to collate NatCon2012 posts here.  Please either email, tweet or reply with more posts and photos from the weekend and I’ll add you to this list.

Convention reports/blogs:
Dark Matter’s awards post
Russell Blackford’s blog
Alan Baxter’s con report
Darren Sanderson’s Continuum report
Kirstyn McDermott’s blog about Continuum and a podcast
Sue Bursztynski’s blog with photos
Alexandra Pierce’s blog
Ben Payne’s blog
Jason Nahrung’s post
Ian Mond’s post
Joanne Anderton’s post-convention-flu post
L ouise Cusack’s post

Tansy Rayner Roberts made three posts: Crafty Continuum, the food (not a surprise as a while ago she tweeted that everything she’d pinned on pinterest was food related) and awards night.

The mashup video from the opening ceremony, includes octopus:

Coode St podcast talks Natcon
Boxcutters at Natcon2012: AKA why Josh Kinal is the Suck Fairy (see this post for more)
Kirstyn McDermott’s Twelfth Planet Podcast
Galactic Suburbia podcast

Dark Matter’s photos
Cat Sparks photos
Hespa’s photos
Redmond Addams’ photos
Tom’s convention photos
Amanda Pillar’s photos

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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