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Arrabella Candellabra and the Questy Thing to End all Questy Things

Arrabella Candellabra coverA review by Elizabeth Manthos

To tell you the honest truth, I don’t even know where to begin this review let alone be serious, because writing a serious review about a not-so-serious book would be weird.

Arrabella Candellabra by A K Wrox, the clever pen-name of Australian authors Kylie Fox and Amanda Wrangles, is hands down one of the strangest, funniest and fun books I have ever read.

The story follows Arrabella Candellabra, a beautiful maiden warrior trained by The Reginas (who literally care called Regina, Regina and Regina) and her quartet of warriors, the perfect specimen of manliness that is Lord Langley Kilkenny, the icicle bearded wizard Gary and the fey fairy regent, Prince Jim.

After starting the bizarre Tri-Towers Quest, they soon find themselves pitted against the evil crone Betty-Sue and have to battle against her many minions, the Sawtoothed Bunnies, the Viscous-Tongued Frogs (complete with superman’s heat vision/laser beam eyes) and Barella Monkeys (when it clicks you will laugh) to rescue the Reginas.

But in a novel such as this nothing could go wrong could it? Hah!

This story was remarkably hilarious and filled with more pop-culture references than you can poke a stick at. I found myself laughing out loud at times and gaining respect for these two authors and their ability to pull a story like this off.

With sing-a-long spells, bizarre dance routines to go with the spells, sexual encounters and battles with weird creatures, this book is an adult fairy tale of epic proportions (and there are more things of epic proportions in the novel).

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel with its weird names (Cuppacoffee Mountains), hilariously funny scenes and great characters who really don’t take themselves seriously. It was fun to read and I can’t wait to read what happens next.

The beautiful cover designed by US artist Ran Valerhon wraps around the novel encasing it and accentuating the magic within. It is by far one of the most beautiful covers I have seen on a novel.

If you’re an adult with a sense of humour and love a book that doesn’t take itself seriously, this one is definitely for you.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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