Answering the call of Ethulu

The Call of Ethulu, Cthulu’s lesser known cousin

You may have noticed that I’m currently putting lots of reviews and articles from the PDF zine up on the website so that they’re easily accessible and searchable.  This will take DAYS.  Possibly a couple of weeks, although I’m not putting absolutely everything from the PDF zine online.  For small articles, press releases etc, you’ll still need to look at the zine – I figure a lot of those things are either available elsewhere or will be lost in past as I’m predating those articles to reflect the original date of publication (this website was launched on 29 April 2012, so there is a lot of articles predating that time that are still relevant today).

So excuse me, while I answer the call of Ethulu.  Normal programming will resume shortly.


Call of Ethulhu

PS I originally used the above illo by Ian Gunn in issue 2 of Dark Matter, and when I saw it this morning, I couldn’t resist.  I HAD to share!