Another year older

Google wishes Nalini a Happy Birthday

Another year older, none the wiser
This past year has been a roller coaster ride
filled with stress and fear followed by some victories.
Now I have disability access at uni
Edward’s new employer seems good
compensating for the pay cut.
As I begin this new year,
instead of virtuous resolutions to work even harder
I determine to enjoy life more,
To stop to smell the flowers – literally, jasmine is flowering outside –
To have more fun instead of delaying good times until I have a career
Take more walks in the sunshine, to read more good books – oh, wait.

Birthday wishes from friends are lovely but a birthday wish from Google? I’m not quite sure whether to think it’s sweet or that BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING ME. Is it just me or is it a little bit creepy that Google knows my birthday? It’s not like we’ve ever done coffee.