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And that’s a wrap


And that’s a wrap

Today’s news:

It’s bigger on the inside – augmented reality TARDIS

Gerry Anderson

Gerry Anderson, creator of Thunderbirds, died at age 83 taking the secret of supermarionation with him to the grave. ABC presents a short but thoughtful report.

J.J. Abrams turns down Star Wars VII

J.J. Abrams turns down Star Wars VII, saying he’s a fan of Star Wars and doesn’t want to sit in the director’s chair.  Nerd Bastards report here.

First still from The World’s End

Simon Pegg tweeted the first official still from The World’s End, a movie about a pub crawl interrupted inconsiderately by, well, armageddon-ish events.

World's End
World’s End


One small step for man, one giant leap for technology

You know on all those science fiction movies how holograms show the computer screens then people manipulate them with their hands?  It looks like Leap Motion had taken a huge leap forward in bringing us this technology, and their gizmo is only $69.99 in the USA.  I guess that means it’ll be $600 in Australia -_-  Dan Lyons of ReadWrite says more here.

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