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And that’s a wrap #9

And that’s a wrap #9

Today’s news all wrap’d up.  If you have news to be included, DM or email me.

Epic Catzilla short from Platige image

How long should you keep trying to get published?

Jane Friedman’s blog covers a lot of issues.

Australian Women Writers’ Challenge wrap up for 2012

In a year where equality of the sexes was a hot topic across a number of areas (Julia Gillard’s speech, FTW!) there was a push to promote work authored by Australian women.  Bernadette Bean writes a wrap-up that manages to mention ‘a book that is also part sci-fi and a horror novel’.  Bernadette’s wrap-up of 2012 is mostly about crime.  Apparently there is another wrap-up on its way that covers science fiction and fantasy.

The site also includes a list of Science fiction and fantasy reviews.  Sadly it seems all except two of the SF and fantasy reviews I submitted disappeared, although I did my best to review our genre to promote SFF on the local scene as well as helping to promote Aussies to overseas readers.  UPDATE: Apparently this may be able to be rectified, it’s a work in progress.

 Gollancz publishing gets into games

Gollancz pledged 13,000 pounds to help kickstart Elite: Dangerous, the sequel to a successful 1980s game.  Gollancz will also be publishing 3 new tie-in novels.  Previously Gollancz published a specially commissioned novella tie-in that was included with the game packaging.  This latest joint venture may have been – assisted – by the fact that Gollancz Editor Marcus Gipps and Orion Deputy Publisher Jon Wood were both fans of the original game.  Yay for geek publishers.

books & games

Awe-inspiring Science Fiction

Need your regular dose of SF?  Kirkus provides a list of SF reads they think will inspire your awe.  While cited as a list for January, these aren’t all new releases, but it includes some solid SF.

And now for something completely different

This has absolutely nothing to do with science fiction or fantasy.  This is a hilarious gansta-rap song about motherhood.

And that’s a wrap.
Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


  1. The spec fic round up will be appearing today. Don’t worry, we haven’t ignored other genres! Bernadette’s round up only covered crime and related books. Everything else will be appearing within the first two weeks of January.

    If you want to clear up (and hopefully fix) what happened with your reviews, feel free to email me (you can see my email address from this comment right? If not, hit me up on twitter).

    • I’ve updated this blog post to acknowledge that the SFF wrap-up is still on its way and that my reviews may be included on the website. I submitted some of those reviews 3 times because I went back and checked a month or two after submitting, then I submitted again. I also had to submit all the interviews to your website twice. When I realised none of the interviews had been put up I queried it, and was told that the submission form had been changed so I had to resubmit the interviews if I wanted them to be included. It’d be good if the AWW website could be fixed so it’s only necessary to submit once.


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