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And that’s a wrap #7

And that’s a wrap #7

‘And that’s a wrap’ lists science fiction and fantasy news brought to my attention…

Dying Trekkie sees Star Trek 2

Due to his declining health, a Star Trek fan with weeks to live missed the 9 minute special prescreening of Star Trek 2 that featured before the Hobbit.  This prompted a reddit campaign to enable him to see the movie or at least the 9 minute reel during his limited time left.  J.J. Abrams called “Dan’s” wife and set up a screening.  Read more at Mashable and the triumphant reddit post proclaiming victory is here.

Jim C. Hines’ posing for charity win

Not only did Jim’s posing for charity raise over $15,000 but he’s now ‘going into the calendar business’.  Originally he was talking about a desk calendar but yours truly has been conducting a mild campaign for an epic wall calendar.  On Twitter, Jim said

so I’m living in hope.

Oh yes, and if you’ve been following the pose-off, or even if you haven’t, you might be interested to learn that Jim beat Scalzi.

Jim Hines isn’t the only one in the calendar business.

David Tennant’s website has a free printable calendar for 2013.


i09 lists SFF rumours

Here i09 lists true, false and unresolved rumours from 2012: they cover everything from rumours around Neil Gaiman writing another Doctor Who episode to Spidey’s non-existent cameo in The Avengers.

Here i09 lists what they describe as ‘insane justice league rumours’.

And that’s a wrap

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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